(Apply Link) Chekumuki Talent Test 2023 Registration, TS, AP JVV Science Festival Online

(Apply Link) Chekumuki Talent Test 2023 Registration, TS, AP JVV Science Festival Online:-Chekumuki Science Talent Test 2023, a Science Festival this year, will be held in an online format at the school, district, and state levels. With the help of educators, school administrators, and parents of children, the Jana Vignana Vedika has successfully run the TS Chekumuki Science Festival or AP Chekumuki Science Sambaralu for the past 30 years.

AP Jana Vignana Vedika, T.S. Soon, the School Level Chekumuki Talent Test 2023 will take place. School, District, and State JVV Chekumukhi Science Sambaralu’s Chekumuki Science Test 2023. Sambaralu School, District, and State level Chekumuki Science Dates of the 2023 Chekumuki Science Exams.

Chekumuki Talent Test 2023 Registration

Science festivals are held to encourage the study of science, spark students’ interest in science, bring out their innate creativity, stimulate scientific inquiry and observation, create a scientific viewpoint, and grow as scientists. On November 7th, the organization’s Science test for school-level students will be held, followed by mandal-level, district-level, and state-level competitions. The JVV team is aimed at the younger generation so that they develop proper information about events involving religious marvels as they grow up.

Chekumuki Talent Test Registration
Chekumuki Talent Test Registration

In an event called Chekumuki, eighth-, ninth-, and tenth-grade pupils are required to take an exam at each of three different levels: school, Mandal, and district. The district-level competition winners will represent their districts at the state contests, which will take place on January 5, 6, and 7.

Chekumuki Talent Science Test District and State Wise 2023

The district-level tournament is scheduled for December 9 and 10, while the mandal-level competition will take place on November 17. To allow kids from government schools to participate, the test will be given to pupils in both Telugu and English. In Andhra Pradesh, the JNV has released notifications for the Chekumuki Science Test at the school, district, and state levels. In this regard, The Jana Vignana Vedika, a National Award-winning nonprofit science organisation, has spent the last almost three decades actively promoting science among the general public and schoolchildren and cultivating a scientific mindset in them.

As you are aware, every year, our organisation organises a massive science fair called the “chekumuki science festival” at the school, Mandal, district, and ultimately state levels. This fair features a number of entertaining science-related activities, including tests and quizzes, to encourage students to learn about science.

Date For Chekumuki Scince Test 2023

All scientific academics and instructors recognise how exceptional the Chekumuki Science Festival is. The JVV sincerely requests that all schools organise the School level Chekumuki Science Test on November 7, 2019, in large attendance, for students solely in the eighth, ninth, and tenth grades, and to charge a small entrance fee of Rs. 5 per student.

school level SOON
Mandal/Town level SOON
District level SOON
State level SOON

Benefits and Guidelines For Participants

  • Students studying in Telugu and English took the test concurrently but independently.
  • One day prior to the test, JVV gives you the question papers and KEY in sealed covers based on your specifications.
  • Eighty per cent of the questions on the test’s 50 multiple-choice questions are from the science curriculum for the eighth, ninth, and tenth grades, while 20 per cent are from general studies.
  • Please analyse the test papers using the provided answers, designate the top student in each class, and create 3-member school teams in Telugu and English to compete in the next stage, or the Mandal Level, which will be conducted at the Mandal Headquarters on November 17, 2019.
  • The top teams from Government and Private schools in each medium will be chosen at the Mandal Level to compete in the District Level Science Test, which will be placed on December 9 and 10, 2019 at the respective District Headquarters.
  • The best team from each media from both public and private schools will be assigned to participate in the state-level science festival, which will be held on January 5, 6, and 7.
  • For the teams, fantastic Prizes and Participation Certificates will be awarded.

Chekumuki Science Talent Test 2023 Online Registration Link

  • Register for the TS Chekumuki Science Talent Test
  • The students must first provide their email addresses while registering online. (Only one student per email address may register and take the test.)
  • In addition to example questions, the Chekumuki Talent Test Registration form offers instructions.
  • The student’s understanding of the online exam will improve after completing the registration form.
  • You can register at the following link.
  • The notification will be sent to the student mail after registration is complete.
  • Before the deadline, registration should be completed.

TS, AP Chekumuki Scince Festival Online Test 2023

  • You will receive the exam URL from JVV, along with the student’s email and WhatsApp number.
  • The connection will activate throughout the test.
  • At that time, the test ought to be written.
  • You have till the designated time to submit.
  • Your responses won’t be analysed till after that, and the outcome (marks) won’t take long to appear.
  • Your responses won’t be considered if you don’t submit them before the deadline. The outcome won’t materialise. Therefore, you won’t take the test.
  • The learner will receive the e-certificate right away in the mail.

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