Flowers Oru Kodi Apply Online 2023, 1 Crore Registration Form

Flowers Oru Kodi Apply Online 2023, 1 Crore Registration Form a pause, Flowers TV comes back with a cutting-edge program called Flowers Oru Kodi. According to official sources, the hosting team is planning a few surprises and unanticipated gifts. The Flowers Oru Kodi has a question-and-answer session that is broken up into portions as its main structure. The most well-liked game puts players to the test in terms of knowledge, bravery, and intelligence.

How to submit an online application for the Flowers 1 Crore program is covered in the following article. One crore rupees in cash will be awarded to the quiz show victor. Sreekandan Nair, who is also a performer, will host the event. It is a well-known show that viewers who watch it on a small screen like. The television audience is in for a real treat because everyone loves this program.

Flowers Oru Kodi Apply Online 2023

Sreekandan Nair serves as the host of the infotainment program “Flowers Oru Kodi,” which has an international format. The program is structured essentially like a question-and-answer session, and it is broken up into many portions that assess the participants’ knowledge, bravery, and oratory skills.

Flowers Oru Kodi Apply Online
Flowers Oru Kodi Apply Online

The act, which is supported by a massive stage, astounded the crowd and left them in awe of the visual delight. The program, which is being presented in an international style, also invites viewers to take part. Additionally, the winners will receive prizes worth up to Rs. 1 crore.

Main Highlights Of Flowers Tv 1 Crore Show

Name of the Show Flowers Oru Kodi
Partner myG
Starting Date Available Soon
Category TV Audition
Sponsored by KENME Online English
Email Address [email protected]
Helpline Number 7593829838

How To Participate In 1 Crore Flower Oru Kodi Application 2023

This is a fantastic chance to take part in the program. In order to find participants, auditions will be held in all districts. Participants who are interested in taking part may register at To be eligible for the Flowers Tv Oru Kodi 1 crore award, there is a process to follow. You need to register online and submit an application in order to be eligible to take part in the show. To understand in detail the application, registration, and email address processes, see this page.

Apply For Flower TV Flower Oru Kodi E-Mail Registration 2023

  • Once you have finished preparing your color photograph and biodata, send them to the official email address [email protected] for review.
  • Entries may also be sent by snail mail. Call this number: 7593829838 for further details, including the address and telephone number.
  • They will conduct the audition by email and postal mail. The selectors will then get in touch with the selected candidates.
  • If you are selected, the organization will get in touch with you. The remaining cast members will be visible and rocking it.
  • It is the process for registering for and taking part in the Oru Kodi program, which offers an online participant a prize of Rs. 1 crore.

Flower Oru Kodi 1 Crore Registration

  • Let’s look at the below-posted online application process for the 1 Crore Flowers Oru Kodi TV presented by Mr. Sreekandan Nair.
  • Each competitor is allowed to Flowers Oru Kodi Apply Online by flowers team.
  • The contestants should, however, use a mail ID to transmit their picture and a brief bio.
  • To be considered for the show, the applicants must be prepared with the necessary information.
  • Anyone interested in applying for the show can send an email to [email protected].
  • Please be aware that the postal address is the only way to submit an entry for the event.
  • Candidates can submit their information to the following address: Flowers Oru Kodi, Flowers TV, Kadvantra, Cochin 20.

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