ICPS Scheme Application Form 2023, Integrated Child Protection Scheme Apply Online Pdf

ICPS Scheme Application Form 2023, Integrated Child Protection Scheme Apply Online:-Right now Child Protection is the main concern of the Indian Government and after covid pandemic situation there are lots of children who need protection and some financial help from the government. Centre Government of India introduced the scheme to provide a protective environment for children who are facing difficult circumstances in their life and other vulnerable children the government implement multiple Child Protection that helps the child at all levels to strengthen child protection at the family and community levels. Under this team government will set up a child protection data management system so that they can take effective action and strategies and Atlas check out their outcomes.

All the programs are under the government’s vision. The ministry of women and child development department Government of India introduce a few points about Integrated Child Protection Scheme. You can check out their official website and get the whole information regarding the scheme. So here we share the details of how you can apply for this scheme and the application form PDF details for mission Vatsalya under the Child Protection Scheme. You can also check out who can apply for the scheme and what the main benefits are provided by the state and Central governments under the scheme for children.

ICPS Scheme Application Form 2023

 This is not just a scheme but an instrument to implement the juvenile Justice act 2015. The government wants to help the family to secure the safety of children by providing them care protection and contact with the law and other vulnerable children schemes. There are different categories under which the children are selected for the scheme. The children are in conflict with the law which means if a child has committed an offence the government also provide some facilities to these children who are under the juvenile justice board.

ICPS Scheme Application Form
ICPS Scheme Application Form

These children are sent to special homes as per perception 48 of the Juvenile justice care and protection of children act 2015. The children that are in need of care and protection are decent to the different institutions run by the government and semic government private organisations. In Haryana, there is a total of 78 childcare institution where the child welfare committee take care of all the needs of these children and also protect them. Both institutional services and non-institutional services are provided under Integrated Child Protection Scheme.

Institutional and Non-Institutional Services

The institutional services are open shelter homes for children who are beggars, street, and working children. The shutters don’t provide permanent residential facilities for the children but provide institutional care facilities only. The non-institutional services are adoption monitoring and the protection of children from sexual offenses. Haryana is the first state in the country to launch this initiative and create awareness by organizing a campaign for the protection of children from sexual effects.

Who Are Eligible For ICPS 2023

  • The children who need care and have lost their parents due to covid.
  • The children who are under the Juvenile justice board.
  • The children who conduct any offense in law are also under this scheme.
  • Punjab government and the state child protection society also adopt Integrated Child Protection Scheme and provide many facilities like Juvenile justice boards special Juvenile policy units and child welfare committees.
  • The government also provides sponsorships and the first case to reach children.
  • As per the mission Vatsalya scheme 2023, the government provides rupees 4000 to every child who is under mission vatsalya scheme 2023.
  • Children who are in difficult circumstances and are vulnerable are considered under this Integrated Child Protection Scheme ICPS 2023.

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Categories Under ICPS Scheme 2023
  1. Abused children
  2. Trafficked children
  3. Working children
  4. Street children
  5. Affected by conflict and disaster
  6. HIV AIDS infected children
  7. Engaged in substance abuse
  8. Children from families at risk
  9. Differentially abled children
  10. Orphaned and abandoned
  11. Lost and found children

Integrated Child Protection Scheme icps Portal

Most people have questions in their minds about how they can apply for Integrated Child Protection Scheme in their state. Integrated Child protections scheme provide the facility and child care in different states like Andhra Pradesh Punjab Haryana and many more. The people who want to get the facilities of different opportunities provided by the government under this scheme then they can visit the official website of the Integrated Child protection Scheme. wcd-icps.nic.in the ministry of women and child development Government of India is the official portal for the Integrated Child Protection Scheme application and other details.

  • On the official portal, you have to select the home state and your district.
  • Then as per your category, you can find out the child welfare committee in that district in a particular state with the address in the contact number. The people can contact that committee.

Mission Vatslaya Child Protection Scheme 2023

If you are looking for mission Vatsalya scheme of rupees 4000 for Eligible children then you can apply on their official website for the next detail read this article completely. As we have already mentioned that this is a centrally sponsored scheme and the government will implement the scheme in all the states and UT.

  • For the mission Vatsalya scheme government provides rupees 4000 per child for families who are under non-institutional care which also includes sponsorship poster care and aftercare.
  • This scheme is applicable from 1st April 2022.
  • They also provide the child care helpline 112.
  • Under the PM care for children’s scheme the children will get rupees 4000 per month.  This amount is directly transferred to the account of the guardian under the mission vatsalya scheme. This is for non-institutional care.
  • Under institutional care, the child will get rupees 3000 per month which is given to the child care institution.

Eligibility criteria

  • If the child’s mother is window and divorced or abandoned by the family.
  • If the children are orphans and leaving with the extended family.
  • Parents are battling babe the life-threading disease.
  • When the parents are not capable to take care of their children financially.
  • The children under pm care for the children’s scheme.
  • The annual income of the family does not exceed more than rupees 72000 per annum for the ruler area.
  • For the others, the family income should be between 96000 per annum.
  • The age criteria to get the sponsorship is 18 years of each as per the record of the juvenile justice board.

How to Apply Online For ICPS Scheme 2023

  • If you want to get this rs 4000 amount then you can request and upload your details on the mission vatsalya portal.
  • Both the child’s family and DCPU apply for the scheme and fill ICPS Scheme Application Form.
  • The first preference will be given to the Orphan, abandoned and surrendered children.
  • The committee will provide the details of eligible children to DM through DCPU.
  • After this DM provide the approval to the committee and finally review the case.
  • After your application will be selected by DM then DCPU has the authority to open the account in the scheduled bank are post office in the name of the children.
  • This account should be operated by the child’s guardian or mother.
  • This is how you can get rupees 4000 financial assistance in your account.

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