JYP Entertainment Monthly Audition 2023 | India Girls Audition Registration Date

Get details on JYP Entertainment Monthly Audition for June, online audition date:-Hello viewers, welcome to our page, in today’s article we are going to provide you the information about JYP monthly audition 2023. In the next month which is June, the Auditions for the JYP Entertainment Company are again going to open. So, in the below article you will get complete details information about the JYP June month audition 2023 and how you can do your registration for the audition.

The JYP is a South Korean Entertainment Company. And right now it is one of the 3 biggest entertainment companies in South Korea. If you are a fan of Kpop music or you listen to the Kpop songs then definitely you have already heard about this company. There are many popular singing groups and solo artists under JYP Company such as Stray Kids, Twice, ITZY, GOT7, and the former artists like Rain and Park Ji-Yoon. This company was formed in the year 1997 and the founder of this company was J.Y. Park who was also one of the most famous Kpop Idol of his time. for more information related to JYP Entertainment Monthly Audition, audition date, and registration form for the girl’s group.

JYP Entertainment Monthly Audition 2023

After his successful career, J.Y. Park started his own Entertainment Company the JYP Entertainment Company. And now his company makes talented artists a Kpop Idol. Jung Wook is the CEO of this company since Feb 16th, 2011. The headquarter of this company is situated at Gangdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Kpop; EDM; R&B; Trot is the genre of this Entertainment Company. Let us explain to you the detailed information about the Kpop Entertainment Companies.

JYP Entertainment Monthly Audition
JYP Entertainment Monthly Audition

If a person wants to become a Kpop idol then they have to give audition for it. The auditions are held in two stages first is an online audition and the second is a ground audition. If a person gets selected in the online auditions then they have to come to South Korea for their ground audition and have to give a JYP audition in front of the company’s trainee selection members.

Post JYP Entertainment Monthly Audition
Company JYP Company
Category TV Audition
Audition Date 5 June 2023
Offcial Website jype.com
Age Under 14 and Above 14
Audition For Both Girl and Boys Group

JYP Entertainment Audition In India 2023

In these ground auditions they have to perform like singing, dancing, rapping, vocal, acting, modeling, music producing, etc. if they get selected then they will become trainee under the company. After becoming the trainee they have to sign a contract with the company which is basically called a slave contract in South Korea because there are so many restrictions put on the person after signing this contract like they cannot go to their home and country back until their contract over and this contract is usually of five to seven-year. They have to live in South Korea under their company. the upcoming audition is on 5 June 2023 in India. So be ready with your JYP registration form and fill in all details as per your eligibility.

Their company controls each and everything of the trainee like where they live, what they eat, what they wear, their schooling until high school, and almost 18-hour training every day of singing and dancing. So it is not that easy to become Kpop Idol. Lots of people drop their dream of becoming Kpop idols even in their training times because of hard training and suffering. But once a person or group got the chance of making their debut then the whole training and practice of years really worth it because they get fame and popularity once they debut and even get offers of acting in Kdramas etc. so if you also have the dream of becoming Kpop Idol then you have to give audition of it and for the audition, you have to do your registration. In this article, we will provide you with the JYP monthly audition in June 2022 audition registration-related information and other details too.

JYP Audition Date 2023

  • The date of the JYP audition is June 5th, 2023 on Sunday.

Details Related to the Audition

  • Koreans audition time :- 12:00PM, 13:00PM, 14:00PM, 15:00PM, 16:00PM.
  • Non Korean audition time :- 13:00PM, 14:00PM, 15:00PM, 16:00PM. 

Total Participants

  • There will be a selected total of 100 non-Koreans and 150 Koreans.  
  • The JYP company will select 25 non-Korean and 30 Koreans on the basis of the polity first–come, first served in every time period of the audition.

Eligibility Criteria For JYP Audition

  • The person must be born between the years 2001 and 2011.
  • There is no restriction on nationality. Any person from any country can apply.
  • Both males and females are eligible to give the audition.
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How To Participate In JYP Online Audition 2023

  • Go to the official link provided by the company for JYP Entertainment Monthly Audition.
  • Then fill out the form correctly.
  • Read all the information regarding your audition and the terms and conditions for the audition.
  • Then, prior to the audition time, at least 15 min prior enter the zoom waiting room.
  • The zoom meeting-related link will be sent to you by the company in your provided email on the audition date and time.
  • Then, just wait until your turn to participate in the audition which will be one on one zoom audition of yours with the audition takers.  
  • After your audition, if you get selected then you will be notified soon by the call from the company that you got selected and then you have to go to South Korea for your ground audition.

JYP Entertainment Audition In India 2023 For Girl at jype.com

  • Go to the official link of the website.
  • Then, on the homepage of the website click on the option called JYP Entertainment Monthly Audition.
  • Then, you have to click on the option called apply online.
  • After this on the next page, you have to select your nationality.
  • Then, select your age like under 14, over 14, or 14 years of age.
  • Then, click on the option called apply online if you are a non-Korean person.
  • After, this just read out all the terms and conditions, and privacy policy mentioned on the page for the audition.
  • If you agree with the policies then click on the option called agree.
  • After this, a form of jyp audition will open on your device’s screen.
  • Just enter all the details which have asked for.
  • And also upload your clear pictures.
  • The company will accept your profile picture only in the format jpg, png, jpeg, or gif which must be not more than 2MB.
  • You have to provide three profile pictures of yours.       
  • Then, record your one video of singing acting dancing rapping in 4MP, AVI, or MOV format. Which should be no more than 10 min and 50MB in size.
  • Then the next thing is you have to write about some details about your hobbies, your intro, life experience and your passion, specialty, etc.
  • Then just click on the button called add apply online. And you are done with your JYP Entertainment Monthly Audition form-filling procedure.

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