[Apply Online] Telangana KCR Nutrition Kit Scheme Registration 2023, Eligibility, Items List

[Apply Online] Telangana KCR Nutrition Kit Scheme Registration 2023, Eligibility, Items List:-KCR Kit Apply Online 2023, aim and benefit, registration process, application status. Telangana Government has launched a scheme for pregnant women and mothers of newborn babies in their state. The scheme name is KCR Nutrition Kit Scheme Telangana. This scheme of the Telangana Government is very old, but by making some changes in it, this scheme is being relaunched. Telangana Government started this scheme on 4th June 2017 for pregnant women.

So far 30.8 lakh kits have been distributed by the Telangana Government. This scheme is already implemented in 24 districts of Telangana State. Under this scheme, pregnant women are given a special kit by the government. After the birth of a child financial assistance is also provided by the government. How pregnant women can apply for this scheme, what is the registration process, where will women have to get their registration done, what documents will be required, and how much financial help will be given to newborn mothers, all the information will be made available to you in this one article. Stay connected with us for more information about the new KCR Nutrition Kit Scheme.

Telangana KCR Nutrition Kit Scheme Registration 2023

The Telangana Government announced the re-launch of the KCR Nutrition Kit Scheme 2023, although this scheme was started on 4th June 2017. But now efforts are being made to re-launch it by making some changes. During the budget session, the CM of Telangana announced the budget for this new KCR kit scheme. A total of 30.08 lakh kits have been distributed by the government through 1046 centres.

KCR Nutrition Kit Scheme Registration
KCR Nutrition Kit Scheme Registration

Around 6.84 lakh women from 33 districts of Telangana already have taken advantage of this scheme. The Telangana government has presented a budget of RS 277 crore for this KCR scheme. Financial help is also provided by the government. They are provided with RS 12,000 from the government. If the first child is a girl, then the government will be given RS 1000 extra to the mother. The benefit of this scheme can be availed only for those women whose delivery is done in a government hospital.

Telangana KCR Nutrition Kit Scheme
  Scheme name   KCR Nutrition Kit Scheme
  Year   2023
  State   Telangana State
  Launched on   4th June 2017
  Launched by the   CM of Telangana State
  Re-launched in   2023
  Beneficiaries   Pregnant women of Telangana State
  Aim and benefit   Providing KCR Kit to the women
  Financial assistance   RS 12,000
  Registration mode   Online mode
  Official website   www.kcrkit.telangana.gov.in

KCR Nutrition Kit Item List

The things provided by Telangana Government in the nutrition kit for the pregnant woman are as follows.

  • Newborn baby bedding.
  • Baby oil.
  • A saree for mother.
  • 1kg nutrition mix powder.
  • 1 kg dates.
  • 3 bottles of iron syrup.
  • 500gm ghee.
  • 200 gm palli patti.
  • A plastic basket.
  • Hand band.
  • Towels and napkins.
  • Baby powder and shampoo.
  • Baby diapers.
  • Baby toys.
  • Clothes for baby.
  • Mosquito net for baby.

KCR Kit Scheme Amount

 Financial help is also provided by the government to the women. This is provided to them in instalments. This financial assistance is provided by the government in 3 instalments. This is described as follows.

  1st Installment   4,000 RS   When women get pregnant
  3rd instalment   4,000 RS again   After the delivery
  3rd installment   4,000 RS   First vaccination of the baby

If the 1st child is a girl, then Rs 1000 extra amount is given by the government.

Telangana KCR Nutrition Kit Apply Online 2023

  • First, visit the official website of the KCR nutrition kit scheme.
  • Now enter the details they asked for.
  • After all, processes submit this form.

Telangana KCR Nutrition Kit Status 2023

  1. First, go to the official site of the nutrition kit scheme.
  2. Now you can click on the application status link.
  3. Enter your application number and your status will be displayed in front of you.

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When was this scheme launched?

This scheme was launched on 4th June 2017.

Who launched this scheme?

This scheme was launched by the CM of Telangana.

How can pregnant women apply for this scheme?

You can visit the official website of www.kcrtelangana.gov.in

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