Meenakshi Thirukalyanam 2023 Tickets Booking, Madurai Meenakshi Temple Date and Time

Meenakshi Thirukalyanam 2023 Tickets Booking, Madurai Meenakshi Temple Date and Time:-Madurai Meenakshi Thirukalyanam 2023, ticket booking, price, date,  venue, etc. Meenakshi Thirukalyanam 2023 annual festival to be held early Tamil Nadu’s Madurai city. On this day Lord Shiva is married to Goddess Meenakshi. It is a very famous city with which the people of Tamil Nadu are associated with a lot of faith. This festival is held at the Amman temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. There are many such traditions involved in this unique marriage, of which people from all over the country want to be a part of this marriage. People from all over the country are eager to come to this annual festival of Madurai, that’s why ticket booking for this festival is done by the people in advance.

Among the traditions of this temple, the most important tradition is that to go inside the temple, one has to first bathe in the Swarn Kamal pond, even after that you can go to the temple. It is believed that after bathing in the pond, you will be clean get groomed. This festival is celebrated this year in May, so people get to see curiosity every year before the arrival of this festival. If you also want to be a part of its defeat, then you can get its ticket booking done from now itself, we will provide you with the process of its ticket booking in this article. How can participate in the rituals of this temple and how to be a part of these rituals can? What will be the date of marriage in Madurai’s Amman temple and what traditions will be followed, we will make all this information available to you in this article, so you stay with our article till the end.

Meenakshi Thirukalyanam 2023 Tickets Booking

Meenakshi Thirukalyanam 2023 annual festival is to be held soon in  May. The Meenakshi Thirukalyanam annual festival attach to the marriage ceremony of lord Shiva to goddess Meenakshi. This festival of Meenakshi Thirukalyanam temple will start on Monday 1st May 2023. This festival will last for 2 days.

Meenakshi Thirukalyanam Tickets Booking

People sing a lot of bhajan during this festival. This temple is also known as Amman Temple or Sundreshvr Temple. If you want to be a part of this festival, then book your tickets for this fest as soon as possible.

Highlights Of Meenakshi Thirukalyanam Temple Festival

  Article name Meenakshi Thirukalyanam Tickets Booking
  Year   2023
  State/ city   Madurai city in Tamil Nadu
  Article type   Annual festival of the Meenakshi Thirukalyanam
  Festival starting date   1st May 2023
  Fest timing   2 days
  Timing of the Temple               5.57 AM, and 6.50 PM
  Ticket price   Start from RS 7,301
  Booking mode   Online mode
  Official website

Madurai Meenakshi Thirukalyanam Temple Timing and Date

  1. Meenakshi Thirukalyanam 2023 festival will start on 1st May 2023. This festival will last for 2 days.
  2. The time of the temple during the festival is from 5.57 AM to 6.30 PM daily.
  3. Meenakshi Thirukalyanam Festival is the longest celebrated festival of all over India which lasts for 2 days.
  4. Meenakshi Thirukalyanam temple has 50 priests, who officiate the marriage of Shiva Meenakshi and perform all the rituals.
  5. To be a part of this marriage, first, you have to bathe in the Swarn Kamal pond, only then you can be a part of this festival. This is a traditional ritual of this festival.
  6. On this festival, Lord Shiva will get married to the Devi Meenakshi in Madurai.

Meenakshi Thirukalyanam 2023 Ticket Price

Meenakshi Thirukalyanam 2023 festival ticket price starts from $135. The ticket price may be different on the official website according to rituals.

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How to Book Online Tickets For Madurai Meenakshi Thirukalyanam 2023

  1. First, visit the official website of the Meenakshi Thirukalyanam.
  2. Now, you can find out the Meenakshi Thirukalyanam Festival ticket booking link.
  3. Click on it; now book the number of tickets.
  4. After booking make a payment for the festival tickets.
  5. After payment, you can confirm the ticket you booked.
  6. Now your ticket will be confirmed.

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