Sabarimala Aravana Prasadam Booking Online, Ayyappa Prasadam Order Online

Sabarimala Aravana Prasadam Booking Online, Ayyappa Prasadam Order Online:-For devotees to book Dhrashanam, Pooja, Prasadam, and other services related to the Sabarimala temple, the Travancore Devashom Board has launched an Online booking service. Check the calendar and all information about the temple on the official website before making reservations. Before the start of the temple darshan, reservations will be accepted. Only once a month are Poojas held, and other times the temple grounds are deserted.

they are visiting Sabarimala’s holy site on a pilgrimage. When Sabarimala was first built, it was surrounded by extremely dense trees. Few brave and pious devotees were able to complete the challenging pilgrimage since the Dark green Forest was home to dangerous wild creatures like tigers and the location was inaccessible due to dangerous and adventurous paths.

Sabarimala Aravana Prasadam Booking Online

The sacred offering packages from the Sabarimala temple will be sent to the homes through the postal service. The package costs Rs 450 and includes Aravana, ghee, turmeric, vermilion, Vibhoothi, and other sacramental foods (Prasadam). The package, known as “Swamiprasadam,” may be ordered from any post office in the nation via an electronic payment method. The kit will be sent using fast post. The booking period begins on Friday. Beginning on November 16, kits will be issued. The Devaswom Board will receive Rs. 250 from the kit price, while the remaining sum will go to the postal service.

Aravana Prasadam Booking Online
Aravana Prasadam Booking Online

Through the virtual queue website www.sabarimalaonline, worshippers can pre-order the “aravana” and “appam” offerings of the Sabarimala temple by making a payment in advance. Through the virtual queue website www.sabarimalaonline, followers of the Sabarimala temple can reserve “aravana” and “appam” offerings. Sabarimala: To access the offerings at the sixth counter, you must provide the bar code that shows after payment. To get prasadam, one must either present a phone-generated copy of the barcode or a printout of it.

Sabarimala Temple’s Opening and Closing Dates

In just a few days, the temple will be open for business, and each month it will only be open for six days. Every day from November to January, when it is free for devotees, numerous people attend the temple. It begins with Mandala Pooja in November and concludes with Makara Jyothi in January. On important occasions like Onnam, Thulam Pooja, Kanni Monthly Pooja, and Monthly poojas like Karkkidam, and Mdhunam, the temple is open.

Sabarimala Temple Prasadam

Sabarimala Temple will be open on several specific days during the course of the year. Normally, a temple will be open six days every month; however, from November to January, a temple will be open every day. The majority of visitors from all around the world visited the shrine during that time. The Temple for Local Festivals will be open. Beginning with Mandala Pooja in November, the month will finish with Makara Jyothi in January.

Sabarimala Aravana / Ayyappa Prasadam Order Online

These things will be shipped to the followers by Speed Post while being packaged in carton boxes. To order the prasadam, go to any nearby post office, fill out the paperwork, and hand it in along with Rs. 450 for one package. Up to 10 kits can be ordered in a single application. You must fill out extra forms if you want more. The amount of orders you may place has no maximum limit.

We came across an offcial website that accepts online requests and places orders by travelling to the post office on behalf of customers for those customers who are unable to physically attend the post office to place the order. Please spread the word to your relatives and friends so they may order Lord Ayyappa’s prasadam online without having to visit the post office. It will be beneficial for both our department and the clients.

Aravana Prasadam Online Booking

A devotee can make a reservation for “Swamy Prasadam” by paying the necessary sum and submitting an order form at any Departmental Post Office location nationwide. The follower will need to download the order form, fill it out, and submit it at any Departmental Post Office around the nation. The devotee has the option to reserve one of three prasadam package types: one with one Aravana and other prasadam; four with four Aravana and other prasadam; or ten with ten Aravana and other prasadam. He must enter different receipts for additional packages. The amount of reservations a devotee may make is not restricted in any way.

  • The India Post Speed Post service will deliver the “Swamy Prasadam” package to the devotee. The client will receive a receipt.
  • Sabarimala Prasadam is the biller name, and the National Biller ID for reservations of “Swamy Prasadam” is 70020.

​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​Aravana Prasadam cost

A single packet of prasadam costs Rs. 520; a set of four packets of Aravana and other prasadams costs Rs. 960, and a set of ten packets of Aravana costs Rs. 1760.

Prasadam Items

Aravana, Vibhuti, Turmeric & Saffron, Ghee (Aadiya Sistham Ney), and Ashtothara Archana Prasadam are the listed ingredients.

​​​​​Aravana Prasadam Booking Online Website


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