Shreya Lenka Audition Video 2023 | K-POP Audition Shreya Lenka

Shreya Lenka Audition Video 2023 | K-POP Audition Shreya Lenka:-Shreya Lenka K POP audition, Age, Blackswan audition sriya lenka:-Odisha girl Shreya Lenka is the first Indian girl who became the finalist of one of the favorite show Kpop. She sent her song and dance video for the audition and after watching her skills she was selected as a finalist in K-pop 2021 in July. She is an Indian keep of trainee who becomes the fifth member of the South Korean girl band Blackswan. After this, she gained huge popularity of being the first cap of a girl from India.

She is just an 18-year-old girl from Odisha and now she is one of the famous personalities who participate in various events in India. After her selection, the most of the Indian girls got inspired by her achievement. The people want to know how she was selected in keeping up an audition, and want to know about Shreya Lenka K-pop Idol audition Video details. So hair wishes a few details about how she became a pop idol and a member of the Blackswan band. So stay connected with us and check out the whole detail regarding Shreya lenka from Odisha.

Shreya Lenka Audition Video 2023

Sriya lenka is an 18-year-old girl from the Odisha state of India. She became popular in India after she was selected as the first Indian K-pop star. She is trained in various dance forms like classical Hip Hop freestyle contemporary. With her dancing skills, she had been selected by K-pop officials and this is her dream to become the cap of Idol and a band member. Her journey started in 2020 as a K- popstar. In 2020 she has started auditioning for various dance shows and kpop is one of them.

Shreya Lenka Audition Video
Shreya Lenka Audition Video

After a number of auditions, she finally got shortlisted for the training camp in Seoul. And at last with a lot of training and skills, her hard work finally paid off and the KPOP group Black Swan announced her as her 5th member. If you also want to become a k-pop group star and a member then you should definitely follow the strategy of Odisha girl Shreya Lenka. She was born in 2003 in the Rourkela district of Odisha and during the lockdown time she dedicated her whole time to upgrading her skills in dance. So the girls who have dreamed to become keep up stars should enhance their dance skills as much as they can. Below the share a few audition tips on how she was selected and other details for her K-pop audition.

Shreya Lenka K-POP Star Audition

She became the first finalist of a K-pop group from India. She send Audition videos to the officials of the K-pop group during her auditions time in 2021. After that, she was selected as training for the next round of auditions. In 2021 December she got selected as a finalist and after the training and other skills, she became a member of the Blackswan band.

Those who are searching for Shreya Lenka’s audition video first need to enhance they are dancing skills and then check out how Shreya Lenka prepares herself for the keep-up audition. You can also check out her social media accounts where she uploads many videos of her dance skills. From that videos, you can get an idea how much you need to prepare yourself to become a pop star.

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How To Prepare For K Pop Audition

For the auditions round the first take online auditions and you have to send your audition video to the officials. Before that, you need to prepare yourself fully for the audition round and to make the video.

  • Learn all the dance forms like contemporary Hip Hop classical.
  • Daily practice for 5 to 6 hours and enhance your dancing skills.
  • Take out the other Kpop Stars’ Dance videos and try to match them.
  • Practice your dancing skills and try to copy the steps from the music video of the KPOP band.
  • Also start to learn the Korean language so that it will help you in the next round.

How To Make K-POP Audition Video Like Shreya Lenka?

If you want to make k-pop audition video then keep a few things in your mind before sending your audition video.

  • Your audition video should be clear.
  • Do not make any mistakes during the dance.
  • Show your best dancing skills in the audition video so that the judges will get impressed.
  • Shreya Lenka Instagram Account

Watch Shreya Lenka K-POP Audition Video

The audition video is not available on any social media platform but you can get many videos of her dance skills where you can get an idea of how you can prepare yourself for the auditions.

She also shares her experience with the Hindustan Times news channel where she mentions how she made it and become K-POP of the star. So you can also check out the interview and we also share the link for Shreya Lenka Audition Video below.

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