Gopalpur Beach Festival 2023 Ticket Booking, Ticket Pass Price, Dates

Gopalpur Beach Festival 2023 Ticket Booking, Ticket Pass Price, Dates:-You are aware that many occurrences are not planned and are not seen by the public as a result of COVID-19. The primary motivation for cancelling the activities is not to organise crowds to spread the Covid-19 epidemic. However, there is now excellent news for everyone who lives in Odisha. Once more, the Gopalpur Peach Festival will begin on December 24, 2023, in the month of December.

The whole population of Odisha should celebrate these wonderful new developments. People who wish to attend this event must purchase tickets online. The festival will last for 5 days. This page will inform you of how to get tickets for the Gopalpur Beach Festival in 2023 as well as its dates, timetable, official website, ticket pricing, and other details. You must read this article in its entirety to get the full facts.

Gopalpur Beach Festival 2023 Ticket Booking

This festival, which will be held at Gopalpur Beach in Odisha, has people quite thrilled. It will come together following COVID-19’s two-year transition. The formal dates for the celebration have now been announced by the hotels. The fact that so many singers and artists will attend is the festival’s key selling point.

Gopalpur Beach Festival Ticket
Gopalpur Beach Festival Ticket

They will do nighttime performances on the stages, and culture nights will also be planned. Sunil Grover will be the primary comic at the awesomely arranged comedy night. The Gopalpur beach festival 2022 would be celebrated on a very thrilling and fun night.

Gopalpur Beach Festival Schedule

Starting Date 24 December 2023
Last date 28 December 2023

Festival Guest List

As we have indicated, it will begin on December 24, 2022. Additionally, there will be live performances by various singers during events that will be planned. We will provide you with information on the concerts, including the performer’s names and the dates of their performances: –

24 December: Ananya Sritam Nanda,Saswat Joshi, Diptirekha Padhi,Pragyan ,Shsnkar and Mantu chhuria
25 December: Sona Mahaptra
26 December: V Company, Rapper Big Deal, Prince Dance, Sunil Grover
27 December: Singer Arman Malik
28 December: Jared Ali

Gopalpur Beach Festival Online Stall Tickets Booking 2023

  • If you wish to reserve a booth to take part in the Gopalpur Beach Festival, which will be held in December. A stall must be reserved online. The steps for booking the stall online are listed below: –
  • The official website of the relevant department must be accessed first; it will open on the main page.
  • You must choose the “stall booking” link on the webpage.
  • In front of you, a QR will appear, and you must scan it.
  • An all-inclusive list will appear in front of you when you scan the QR code.
  • After scanning the QR code, a list of all will open in front of you.
  • You have to book the store according to your priority and need to enter some details that are required in a given form.
  • So, in this way, you will book your stall for the Beach Festival 2023 Odisha.

Odisha Gopalpur Beach Festival 2023 Pass Price

The Odisha Gopalpur Beach Festival 2022 is attracting a lot of interest from participants. They must always begin by purchasing the tickets online. People are searching online for information about the ticket-buying procedure and are looking for information about it.

Please be aware that no information on ticket sales for the Gopalpur Beach Festival in 2023 has been provided by the authorities. Additionally, they won’t post the cost of purchasing tickets. however, each time they upload the same data. With the aid of the article, we’ll talk about it and keep you informed.

You will become aware of the assistance of the article once the relevant authorities begin the pass-purchasing procedure for the Gopalpur Beach Festival held in Gopalpur. Such information is not yet public knowledge. If you wish to obtain information of this nature. You should save our website to your favourites and stay in contact with us for the most recent news.

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