TDP Adabidda Nidhi Scheme Apply Online 2023, Registration, Eligibility

TDP Adabidda Nidhi Scheme Apply Online 2023, Registration, Eligibility:-The former Chief Minister of the State and TDP Chief Chandrababu has done even before commencement the start of the election. He has announced that he will come to power this time with the majority and will implement many welfare schemes for the development of the State. The current government is also accused of doing cheap and light politics in Chandrababu. He said during the announcement of these elections that he will come to power this time with huge votes and will create man welfare schemes for the state.

On Sunday, at the closing ceremony of TDP, Chandrababu said that this time he is going to return to power with a huge majority. Some welfare schemes have been announced by him Under the Bhavishyathu Ki Guarantee election Manifesto. Rs 1500 Grants given by them during the elections have been named AP Adabidda Nidhi Scheme 2023, Rs 3000 for unemployed youth under Yuva Galam Nidhi  Fund Scheme.  All these schemes will be implemented after Chandrababu comes to power. Under these schemes, how much financial help will be provided to women, what schemes have been launched, and what will be provided to the families of the state, all this information will be made available to you in this one article.

TDP Adabidda Nidhi Scheme Apply Online 2023

The former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and TDP chief Chandrababu has announced the election commencement during the closing ceremony of TDP and also announced several welfare schemes for the state of AP. These schemes have been announced on 28th May 2023 during a closing ceremony by the former Chief Minister. Announcing at the closing ceremony of TDP, he said that Bhavishyathu ki Guarantee will be implemented in AP, under which many welfare schemes will be provided to the state after coming to power. He said that these schemes will be also implemented in the states immediately after Chandrababu came to power.  

AP Adabidda Nidhi Scheme
TDP Adabidda Nidhi Scheme
AP Adabidda Nidhi Scheme Details
  Article name TDP Adabidda Nidhi Scheme
  Year   2023
  State   Andhra Pradesh
  Announced on   28th May 2023
  Announced by the   Former Chief Minister Chandrababu
  Beneficiaries   People of AP State
  Aim and benefit   Raise the standard of AP People
  Schemes name   Takili Vandanam Salute to mother, Deepam Scheme, Bhavishyathu Guarantee
  Amount   RS 1500 per month to women
  Registration mode   Online/offline mode
  Official website   To be launched soon

TDP Bhavishyathu Ki Guarantee Manifesto 2023

The former Chief Minister Chandrababu has announced several schemes to raise the standard of living of people. The description of these schemes is as follows:

  1. AP Adabidda Nidhi Scheme Under the AP Adabidda Nidhi Scheme, all the women of the state who are above 18 years of age will be provided financial help of RS 1500 per month by the government.
  2. Takkili Vandnam Salute to Mother Scheme. Under the Takkili Vandnam Scheme, all eligible mothers of the state will be given RS 15,000 annually by the government.

    3. Deepam Scheme:-Under Deepam Scheme, for every family of Andhra Pradesh, 4 cylinders would be provided free to every family of AP.

    4. Free Bus service to women:- Under this scheme, all the women in Andhra Pradesh will be provided free bus services in AP. Women can travel free by bus anywhere in Andhra Pradesh.

    5. Apart from this, Chandrababu announced the Yuwa Gelam Scheme for the youth and many schemes for the farmers of the AP.

    YSR Law Nestham 2023

    YSR Housing Scheme 

    Jagananna Videshi Vidya Deevena

    YSR Asara Scheme Beneficiary

    AP TIDCO Housing Scheme 2023 

       Eligibility Criteria For Ada Bidda Nidhi Scheme

      •  Only Andhra Pradesh people will be applying for these schemes.
      • Only economically weak families of Andhra Pradesh can avail of this scheme.
      • Families below the poverty line can take advantage of this scheme.
      • The applicant applying must have official documents which will be announced later.

      TDP Adabidda Nidhi Scheme 2023 Registration

      There is no official website launched by the Government yet. If you want to take advantage of these schemes, then you will have to wait for a long time for this because even after the elections in Andhra Pradesh, if Chandrababu comes to power, only then these schemes will be implemented. Till then you will have to wait for Chandrababu to come to power, we will update you whenever any official website will be launched for these schemes.

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      Who has announced these schemes?

      Former Chief Minister Chandrababu announced these schemes.

      When TDP Release Election Manifestation 2023

      These announcements have been made on 28th May 2023.

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