Kala Ghoda Festival 2023 Tickets, Online Ticket Booking, Entry Fee

Kala Ghoda Festival 2023 Tickets, Online Ticket Booking, Entry Fee-Kala Ghoda art festival 2023 registration, date, venue, schedule:-Kala Ghoda art festival 2023 date, venue, schedule, registration, stall booking. Festivals and art festivals are organized on a large scale in India. People gathered together in large numbers but due to corona period, this process seemed to have stopped. For 2 years people stopped coming to Art festivals even let alone thinking about it. Now after 2 years finally all the art festivals are being organized again slowly. Due to the art festival being organized after a gap of 2 years, a lot of enthusiasm and excitement is being seen among the people.

Today  we are going to talk about one such art festival whose name is ‘Kala Ghoda Art festival’. Yes, we are talking about the famous art feast to be held in South Mumbai. Which is being organized again after 2 years. So guys, in this article, we will give you all the information about the programs, dance, music, art, theater, crafts and venue, date, and schedule, Tickets of kala ghoda art festival 2023. You can enjoy once again going to the feast and enjoy this feast to the fullest.

Kala Ghoda Festival 2023 Tickets

Kala Ghoda art festival 2023 is a cultural festival organized in South Mumbai. The 20th edition of this art feast is going to be organized soon. In kala ghoda art feast which lasts for 9 days, you will get to see many colorful programs like dance, art, music, hands craft, craft, etc. kala ghoda art festival 2023 you will get to see 14 different programs in the streets of Mumbai. The feast is organized by Kala Ghoda Association.

Kala Ghoda Festival Tickets
Kala Ghoda Festival Tickets

This fest is organized in Mumbai. This is just an art festival which are started in 1996 by Kala Ghoda association. This art feast is not named Kala Ghoda because of any historical event. This festival is organized in South Mumbai at a place, where there is a huge statue of a Black horse built during the British era hence this art feast is known as the Kala Ghoda art festival. Not only Mumbai but people from all over the world participate in this art feast. Kala Ghoda art festival is India’s biggest street festival.

Date and venue of Kala Ghoda art festival 2023

Kala Ghoda art festival 2023 starts every year on the first Saturday of the month of February. Kala Ghoda art festival will run from 4th February 2023 to 12th February 2023. So come and be a part o India’s biggest street festival and enjoy the crafts and creativity of the craftsmen.

Kala Ghoda art festival 2023 will be organized in the Kala Ghoda district of south Mumbai Maharashtra. The best places to visit around Kala Ghoda are shivaji maharaj Vastu sangrahalaya, Naval Dockyard, st. Andrew church etc. there are some nearby attractions also like Gateway of India, Juhu beach, marine drive, chowpati, etc.

Categories For Kala Ghoda Festival

Kala Ghoda feast 2023 has been made into 13 categories. Which are cinema, children’s workshops, theater, food, music, literature, comedy, visual art,  etc.

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Venues Of Kala Ghoda Festival 2023

The popularity of the Kala Ghoda festival has increased a lot in the last few years, due to which a large number of people reach for this art festival. Due to this, the feast is organized in many venues. The list of venues is something like this :

  1. David  Sassoon library garden.
  2.  CSMVS lawns and auditoriums.
  3. National gallery of modern art auditorium.
  4. MC ghia hall
  5. Cross maidan.
  6. Museum in Mumbai.
  7. Max Mueller bhavan gallery.
  8. The cafeteria at Westside.
  9. Tata store at the army and navy building.
  10. Horniman circle garden.
  11. Street area and parking lot of kaikashru marg

Timing of Kala Ghoda Festival 2023

Kala Ghoda festival 2023 will be held daily from 10 am to 10 pm. Friends note down the time so that you can enjoy this feast.

Kala Ghoda Art Festival Tickets Online Booking 2023

The entry ticket for the Kala Ghoda art feast is absolutely free of cost. Yes, you do not need to pay any fee for this art festival but you will have to register yourself for the feast. You can do this by visiting the insider app and the official website of the fest.

Entry into this art festival will be available only according to the capacity of the venue there. Hope you like our article. Feedback us guys if you really liked Kala Ghoda Festival Tickets Booking Information. Thanks in advance.

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