(Buy Now) Sassoon Dock Art Festival 2023 Tickets, Mumbai Urban Art Festival Registration

(Buy Now) Sassoon Dock Art Festival 2023 Tickets, Mumbai Urban Art Festival Registration:-Sassoon Dock Art Festival is a Festival of Art, basically of Street Art. This Art festival was started in the year 2014. It is also known as Mumbai Urban Art Fest. It is basically a 3 month long fest in which varieties of Art, Dances, Public Programming, Concerts, Workshops, and Exhibitions are shown in Mumbai city.

Sassoon Docks is one of the oldest docks in Mumbai and was the first wet dock constructed in Bombay. It was built in 1875. In 2017, street Art transformed Mumbai’s oldest fishing dock into an exhibition space. Thirty artists from around the world give the 142 years old Sassoon Dock a colorful makeover as a part of the Start Urban Art Festival. The exhibition opened to the public on 11 November 2017. Start the Urban Art Festival for Sassoon with its Motto of ‘Art for All.

Sassoon Dock Art Festival 2023 Tickets

Sassoon Dock is considered a heritage of Mumbai. Start Indian Foundation in Collaboration with Asian Paints has organized the Mumbai Urban Art Festival.  Since 2014, the festival features various programs like landmark murals, public programming experiential exhibitions, immersive installations, concerts, workshops, dance events, etc.  The theme of the Festival is “Between the city and the Sea”. This year’s theme is based on the sea of Mumbai and the people living there. It was started on 22nd December 2022 and continues to display till 22nd February 2023. About 60 artists have participated in this Art festival.

Sassoon Dock Art Festival Tickets
Sassoon Dock Art Festival Tickets

This festival is taking over various locations in the city including The AP Art House in Columba, Mahim East Art District, and Carter Road in Bandera. The main event is being hosted at the famous Sassoon Dock. In this, it will be told what is the importance of the sea and fisherman community in the development of Mumbai. Mumbai’s history revolves around the sea. The fishermen living in and around the sea have contributed a lot to the progress of Mumbai. So the Art festival is celebrated in Mumbai. Sassoon Dock will be the Art hub for all of us. So in this article, we are giving all the details related to the Sassoon Dock Art Festival 2023. This is a one of its kind art festival in Mumbai, which is attracting people toward itself.

Mumbai Urban Art Festival 2023 Highlights

        Name Sassoon Dock Art Festival, Mumbai
         year 2023
         location  Mumbai
       Organizers  Start India Foundation and Asian Paints
       Starting Date  22nd December 2022
       End Date  22nd February 2023
       Timings of the Festival  12pm-10pm(Wednesday to Friday)11AM-10pm(Weekends)
      Sassoon Dock Art Festival Tickets Mode  Online
       Official website  Insider. In

This festival will be held in many different places, but the main program will take place at the Sassoon Dock. This festival is one of the most popular and crowded festivals in India. There will be many artists who are part of this event such as Aashti Miller, Durga Gawde, Gays’ Family, Sadhna Prasad, and many others. This festival is also called MUAF.

Mumbai’s Sassoon Dock sustains the livelihood of over 1, 50,000 people. The festival has hosted a series of exciting workshops for children. You can experience the marine life of Mumbai by walking on the Dockside. 

Dates of Mumbai Urban Art Festival 2023

              Dates     Events
 22nd December 2022  22nd February   2023 Sassoon Dock Art  Project Part 1
 12th January     2023  22nd February  2023 Sassoon Dock Art  Project  Part 2
 13th January    2023  The AP Art House

Mumbai Urban Art Festival 2023 Ticket Price

For all the people who want to enjoy the festival, entry is not free. You have to pay for an entry ticket. In order to make entry at the venue, you must have registered yourself for this event. Online registration is a must. The ticket Prices start from 499 for each.

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Sassoon Dock Art Festival Registration 2023

The people who are interested in this festival have to follow some basic and simple steps. The steps are as follows:-

  • Firstly visit the official website of Paytm Insider which is https://insider.in/
  • Then, search for the Sassoon Dock Art Festival Tickets 2023.
  •  Here, select the option RSVP.
  • Then select the event date
  • Now fill in your details like full name and profession related.
  • After this, you will see the term and conditions, read them and accept them.
  • You are done with your Mumbai Urban Art Festival Tickets booking for 2023.
  • Register now and attend workshops, walks, conversations, performances, and many more. Enjoy the show .thanks for being with us.

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