Korean Fair India 2023 | Online Registration For Visitors at www.onlinekorea.org

Korean Fair India 2023 | Online Registration For Visitors at www.onlinekorea.org:-If you are a person who loves Korean beauty products, Korean goods, and Korean food then here’s a piece of wonderful news for you all the fourth edition of the Korean fair Delhi 2023 is going to be held in India from the date June 1st to June 5th at city Walk Saket of New Delhi. For all the companies this fair will give the platform called B2B which means business to business platform.

 As we know that there is a huge craze for Kpop, and K-dramas in India at the current time and it makes it evident that lots of Indians may love the Korean products, Korean skincare products, etc so this is a great opportunity for all those fans to go and enjoy in this event and buy Korean goods. In the further article you will get complete details about the Korean fair Delhi 2023 such as dates and times of fair, venue, other things, registration process, and direct link so go on with the remaining article. In these Korean fair exhibitions, the Indian people will get a venture of understanding Korean beauty tips, their culture, and other things too. This event is going to be a thorough understanding of Korean products and goods for all the Indians.   

Korean Fair India 2023

In the year 2023, the fourth edition of the Korean fair is again going to be held in Delhi at City Walk Saket. The date for the fair is from June 1st to June 5th, 2023. This fair was also held last year in 2023 and that was also very profitable as lots of people visited that fair. It is said that it was around 3 Lakh people who came to the fair last year so it is obvious that in this year the no. of visitors will definitely go higher. The motto of organizing this event in India is to enlarge the tenderness and liking of Korean customs, traditions, and brands in our country and make a good friendship between the two nations.

Korean Fair India
Korean Fair India

Both nation’s Government make their acceptance of the idea of organizing this fair to rise the business and commerce between both nations. Kotra is the regulator of this fair in India. At this event there are many diverse electronics, a huge no. of Korean products, jewelry, skin care products, beauty products, and additional useful materials will be seen by you. All the people of India who were looking for Korean products and Korean goods can get whatever they want at this event. In the year 2022 lots of Indian businesses got summoned by the Korean air India to overlook their products. It is said that in this year, it is the very first time that in the Indian market around Forty Korean products have been launched.    

Post Korean Fair
Category Info
Date 2 June 2022-6 June 2023
Offcial Website www.onlinekorea.org
Location City Walk Saket mall, Delhi

Timing And Dates for Korean Fair in India

  • From the date, June 1st to June 5th, 2023, the event called Korean fair is going to be held at City Walk Saket of Delhi. The Korean fair of 2023 is arranged by Kotra in Delhi City.
  • At the event variety of Korean food will be seen by you and also the Korean-based beauty products which are very famous in the whole world. In Korea, there are so many kinds of noodles so you will also see the variety of Korean noodles at this event.
  • The official website the registration for this fair is korea.org. You can get buyers regarding details from this official page.

Korean Fair 2023 Delhi

  • At this event, you will see lots of makeup shows.
  • And the pop shows will also be there.
  • The city walk mall Saket in New Delhi India is the venue for this fair.
  • People will also get a chance of meeting with the popular influencers at this event.
  • The 2023 Korean fair in Delhi is one of the greatest fairs. Visitors can enjoy lots of things at this fair like they can enjoy a variety of tasty Korean food and can buy the best Korean beauty products also. In these times Korean market is growing very rapidly and that is why Korean clothes, Korean beauty products, Korean food and Korean fashion, and Korean music is everywhere. So if you visit this fair in Delhi then you will surely love it.    
  • There will be events of food tasting and rousing games in this fair of which you can become part by participating in it. You can buy as many Korean beauty products at this fair.

Delhi Korean Fair Visitor Registration 2023

  • For the registration, firstly, open the official website of this Korean fair.
  • Then on the dashboard page of the website, just move down to the screen and look for the registration page of buyer and importers Korean fair Delhi.
  • Once you find the registration page, then just tap on that.
  • Then, a new page will open in which will be asked to fill a form called the B2B buyer and importer registration form.
  • You need to enter your full name, your valid mobile number, the name of your company, and your valid email id of yours, according to your choice of a visitor link.
  • And at the end just click on the submit button and that’s it you are done with your registration for Korean Fair Delhi 2023.

How to Apply For Korean Fair Ticket In India 2023

As of now, there is no information mentioned by the fair officials regarding the ticket booking prices for this fair. According to our knowledge, there is no specific ticket booking procedure, anyone can visit this fair between 1 June to 5 June 2022 without online ticket booking and can enjoy in this fair at New Delhi’s City Walk Mall like a normal fair. If in the future any details regarding this Korean Fair India have been mentioned on the official portal then we will definitely share that here also.

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