Simhachalam Chandanotsavam 2023 Tickets Booking Online, Temple Darshan Tickets Price

Simhachalam Chandanotsavam 2023 Tickets Booking Online, Temple Darshan Tickets Price Chandanotsavam Temple Darshan ticket 2023, date and timing details. The most famous annual festival of Simhachalam Temple is Chandanotsavam 2023 will be held soon. Simhachalam Temple is believed to be the adobe of Lord Narasimha. Chandanotsavam is an annual festival celebrated every year for Lord Narasimha. Those who want to participate in the celebration of Chandanotsavam 2023 of Simhachalam Temple, read this article carefully, maybe this article will prove to be most helpful for you.

The Simhachalam Temple is a famous Hindu temple. The annual festival held in the Simhachalam Temple is so crowded that the temple organization has launched an online website, through which travelers coming to the annual festival can book their tickets in advance sitting at home. On the official website created by this temple, you can get every detail of this festival in brief. On which date the annual festival is going to be held, how you can participate in it, and what are the ticket price and its booking process, we will describe to you all the details in this article.

Simhachalam Chandanotsavam 2023 Tickets Booking Online

The Simhachalam Chandanotsavam 2023 is going to be held soon in April month. In the Simhachalam Temple, the Lord Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swami is covered with sandalwood paste throughout the year, but during the Chandanotsavam his sandalwood paste is washed by the priests. This pooja lasts for 1 hour. The form of the lord without sandalwood is called Nijaroop.

Simhachalam Chandanotsavam Tickets Booking
Simhachalam Chandanotsavam Tickets Booking

Darshan of this form of god lasts for 12 hours. People come from far and wide to participate in this worship. This Nijaroop Darshan is celebrated as Chandanotsavam. Chandanotsavam of Simhachalam Temple will be celebrated on Sunday, 23 April 2023. This festival lasts for 12 days. If you want to participate in Chandanotsavam, then book your tickets today from the official website of Temple.

Simhachalam Chandanotsavam 2023 Booking Details

  Article name   Simhachalam Chandanotsavam Ticket
  Year   2023
  Article type   Celebrated annual festival
  Date of festival   On Sunday, 23 April 2023
  Location   Visakhapatnam city
  Ticket booking   Online mode
  Ticket price   Start from Rs 300 to 1000
  Official website

Simhachalam Chandanotsavam 2023 Dates

The Simhachalam Chandanotsavam Mahotsav is going to be held on 23 April 2023, it will be started on Sunday. This festival will last for 12 days.

The Chandanotsavam festival is held every year at Visakhapatnam’s Simhachalam Temple. You can choose any source according to your budget for this festival location.

Simhachalam Chandanotsavam Tickets Booking Price 2023

If you want to attend the Chandanotsavam festival of Simhachalam temple, then first you need to know about the ticket price of this festival. Chandanotsavam Festival ticket price starts from Rs 300/ per person and the highest price will be Rs 1000 or more. You can book any ticket according to your budget.

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How To Book Simhachalam Darshan Tickets Booking 2023

If you want to book your ticket for the Chandanotsavam with easy steps, then you can follow these steps:

  1. First, you can go to the official website of the Simhachalam Temple.
  2. Now you can find the ticket counter link on the homepage.
  3. Now you can book your festival ticket according to your price.
  4. You can book your ticket through the temple website only.
  5. You can select the numbers of the tickets, now you can pay for the booked ticket by debit card, or net banking.
  6. After payment, you can confirm the payment of the tickets.
  7. Your ticket will be booked.
Simhachalam Special Darshan Term and Conditions

Before booking the tickets to the Chandanotsavam festival you can know all about the terms and conditions of the Simhachalam Chandanotsavam, which is decided by the Simhachalam temple trustee. Terms are:

  1. Chandanotsavam is organized every year in May but this year the festival will be organized on 23 April 2023.
  2. The time to enter the Simhachalam is from 3 AM to 12 PM.
  3. The temple provides a water bottle, wheelchair, and toilet for Darshan to a disabled person.
  4. Arrangements have been made to worship in this temple according to the ticket price.
  5.  The ticket booking process for this festival has been started on 18th April 2023.
  6. You can also get services from other temples like Kanikapam, Srisalailams, and Mahanandi.

Guys hope you like our Simhachalam Chandanotsavam Tickets Booking information. If you like our today’s article, then feedback to us. Thanks in advance.

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