ASEAN Music Festival Delhi 2023 Tickets, Entry Price

ASEAN Music Festival Delhi 2023 Tickets, Entry Price is one event that deserves to be on your must-attend list if you will be in Delhi in November, especially if you enjoy music. Delhi will host the second ASEAN India Music Festival, which will honour both Indian and ASEAN musical traditions (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). When it conducted its first event in 2017, a large portion of Delhi and the surrounding area came together to celebrate.

The music event, which will take place on November 18, 19, and 20, will commemorate 30 years of India’s relationship with ASEAN. The ASEAN India Music Festival 2023 would encourage a better understanding and appreciation of the rich musical heritage of the participating nations. Additionally, it will increase people’s understanding of their ASEAN identity as a whole and give ASEAN India musicians greater exposure. Such events are essential for promoting international understanding because they emphasise the variety of musical traditions while also addressing their commonalities.

ASEAN Music Festival Delhi 2023 Tickets

To mark 30 years of diplomatic ties between ASEAN and India, the ASEAN India Music Festival will take place at New Delhi’s iconic Purana Qila. The purpose of the event is to promote cultural exchange and understanding between ASEAN and India. The event will feature performances by well-known performers including PAPON, Jonita Gandhi, Vishal & Shekhar, Raghav Meattle and Faridkot, and Amar Jalal. The three-day lineup of musicians is as follows.

ASEAN Music Festival Delhi Tickets
ASEAN Music Festival Delhi Tickets

Tri Minh’s Quartet from Vietnam, Empty Wallet from Brunei Darussalam Lao, Linying Band from Singapore, and MRTV Modern Music band from Myanmar are a few of the ASEAN bands from various nations. One will be completely immersed in the festival’s high-octane performances designed to promote the ASEAN region’s rich musical heritage. To learn more, we get in touch with musicians and artists Raghav Meattle, Faridkot, Empty Wallets, and Linying.

ASEAN Music Festival Delhi Date and Venue

Dates of the festival: November 2023, starting at 6 p.m.

Location: Purana Quila in New Delhi

Artist Lineup

DAY 1 – November 18

Tri Minh’s Quartet – Vietnam

Instamuzika – Malaysia

RizerXSuffer – Cambodia

Empty Wallet – Brunei Darussalam

Papon – India

DAY 2, November 19

Lao Traditional Music Troupe – Lao PDR

Makaohang – Thailand

Faridkot and Amar Jalal – India

Linying Band – Singapore

Jonita Gandhi – India

DAY 3, November 20

Bayang Barrios at Ang Naliyagan – Philippines

Riau Rhythm – Indonesia

Raghav Meattle – India

MRTV Modern Music band – Myanmar

Vishal and Shekhar – India

Guidelines for ASEAN Music Festival Delhi Visitors

  • All visitors must get the complete COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Masks must be worn solely on the indoor stage.
  • Please be aware that the start time for general attendance will change to 3:00 PM.
  • The performance will start at 3:00 and go until 10:00.

How to Book Tickets For Delhi ASEAN Music Festival 2023

  • Go to the official website and check for book your spot link
  • When you click on that link then you need to register first.
  • For the registration procedure enter your name last name email address and then confirm the email.
  • Then finally register yourself for the ticket booking process.
  • Tickets are free and available on sale till 2023. And there will be no ticket costing is involved.

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